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Jessica Marcotte

As a kid my mother used to say ‘stop staring’ well I would say ‘I’m blinking’. I’ve always looked, so becoming a photographer seemed obvious. I learned to control light at Rhode Island School of Photography along with the discipline of large format cameras and sheet film. After a few years of assisting then managing a studio I moved to Dallas and worked for Harvey, Hand & Cardenas. In 1990 I started my own business in Providence, RI and now live in Tiverton, RI.

Photographing architecture demands an understanding of light, composition and scale. Using these skills, I work with architects and designers to translate their intentions into a two dimensional medium. When it all comes together the impact of dynamic photography can elevate a project to achieve recognition and win awards. For the design team it celebrates all of their effort and for their client, loyalty!

So that’s what I do — I see the dynamic shapes and colors to compose dramatic compositions with light and people whether it’s interior spaces or exteriors of buildings. I carefully study an assignment with plans and scouting and the best views aren’t always from the sidewalk. I’m tenacious with finding access for the right shot even bringing cupcakes for access!

I also find it easy making people feel comfortable when taking portraits. Most people are hesitant having their portrait taken so being caring, thoughtful and funny sometimes helps. Trust grows when I show a client a few frames of great expressions and looks. People are so happy when they’ve been seen as who they are, that’s really rewarding, to satisfy someone in how they look and feel in a portrait!

Beyond photography I fly fish, ski, scuba, sail, ride horses and motorcycles with a bit of traveling doing all of this!